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Financial Assistance

Periodic and single financial gifts to new and existing beneficiaries were made to 48 individuals in 2016. Applications continue to be received and  the trustees also continued their regular visits in support of the beneficiaries.

Educational Bursaries

Awards were made to 14 nurses in 2016 to support their continuing education. The Trustees are always interested to read from reports that the funds provided to assist additional training are not only appreciated but continue to be worthwhile. It was noted that many working nurses have difficulties in getting the time off they require to attend training courses.

Can you help Nurses in need?

To continue to help as many nurses, midwives and health care assistants as apply for assistance we depend on the generosity of individuals. You can donate through the website – click on the How to make a Donation tab or just remember our name if interested in the welfare of nurses.

Details also on our poster – see link opposite.

Trustees Meeting

The Trustees meet every 6 months in April and October. These 6 monthly meetings allow the Trustees to review the welfare of our beneficiaries as well as the usual admin matters, including the review of our accounts and budgets and the level of grants available for financial assistance.

Click on the link opposite to see a copy of our financial position.

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